Sunday, July 15, 2012


While trying to understand the new Balenciaga ad featuring SWATH's Kristen Stewart the face of their new fragrance Florabotanica, Nylon Magazine provided a description that is pretty much the public perception of Stewart, but not in a bad way.  You have to love how the shoes was the key to them figuring out the ad was real (outside of Balenciaga making a press announcement telling the world that it was).  

But the description pretty much is the reason why her fans love her.  So let's see what Nylon wrote:

"Truth be told, it took us a minute to believe this ad was real and not a fan's masterful Polyvore page.

Not because Kristen is unrecognizably dolled up in full hair and makeup, massive pumps and a cheesy grin - quite the opposite, actually! For the Florabotanica ad shot by Steven Meisel, Kristin is wearing her signature "IDGAF" attitude and hair with no discernible face paint.

What threw us for a loop is the Balenciaga dress from S/S 2008 (the very same used in Jennifer Connelly's '09 campaign) and expression that could easily be from a paparazzi snap. It was all a little too perfect, perhaps.

But now we know the ad is real - thanks to WWD and those S/S '11 boots. We still think it's weird, but we kind of love it! The floral-meets-armor dress may be seasons old (although we tried, and failed, to find it on eBay) but it perfectly embodies the spirit of the fragrance, which has been described as "not just a pretty flower, but a pretty dangerous flower." The colorful abstract floral wallpaper and modern striped packaging are also spot on.

And we can't balk at them letting Kristen be Kristen - hands in pockets and all - and not a femmebot version of herself. We love her just the way she is, and we're guessing Nicolas does, too."

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