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SWATH producer Palak Patel's Oz: The Great and Powerful premiered its trailer at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con Convention.  Check it out below.

The Oz panel convened during the Disney presentations featuring the actresses who play witches, Mila Kunis (Theodora) and Michelle Williams (Glenda) along with Director Sam Raimi.  Collider provided a few notes from the press conference:
~ Raimi confirms that Bruce Campbell is in the picture, although he wouldn’t say in what capacity. His classic car is in the film, but it had to go under major alterations, but the engine and cam shaft are in the flick as part of the Wizard’s machinery.
~ Raimi said they never got the screenplay right on The Shadow, so he chose not to proceed with it. 
~ Great and Powerful takes elements from the second, third, and fourth L. Frank Baum books blended with new material, and then the final film nods “lovingly” to the 1939 film. However, they didn’t have permission to use original ideas from the MGM movie, so the ruby slippers won’t appear in the movie. Additionally, characters like Scarecrow and the Tin Man won’t be in the film because Great and Powerful is a prequel. 
~ Production designer Robert Stromberg and Raimi used Baum’s descriptions as a starting point to design the sets. Additionally, the 3D helped to create more detail in building a world we’ve never seen.
Photos from ET's Behind-The-Scenes Look

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