Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sam Claflin began trending worldwide when a rumor hit on Twitter that he was 'Finnick Odair' of the next chapter of The Hunger Games named Catching Fire.

Finnick is the hottest highly anticipated role in Hollywood.  Several names have been connected to the role from Twilight's Robert Pattinson to On the Road's Garrett Hedlund both of whom have starred with SWATH's Kristen Stewart.  

But Stewart is about to have another connection if the rumors hold true (which we believe it is based upon a source) where her prince will be seen in the next blockbuster hit.  

Sam is on a streak right now in his young big screen career where he first was seen in the blockbuster hit Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides leading him to get the role in SWATH as Prince William and now this. 

Everyone i.e. MTV is anticipating an announcement soon.  Zap2It reported that it is all about Sam accepting the role which means going over the contract since Finnick is in the next film Mockingjay as well.  

Let's hope this gets done soon. Stay tuned! 

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