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As the debate raged and enraged fans about the SWATH sequel being Kristen Stewart-less and turned into another film with a male lead, USA Today takes note of this summer's film releases and recognizes Snow White and the Huntsman as one of only two films that were directed towards the female audience.  The male stripper movie, Magic Mike was the other.

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USA Today issues their grades for summer movies, and "Flicks for Chicks" made the grade at the box office as Hollywood thumbed their noses at the female audiences this summer.

Flicks for chicks: B-

Lacking a Bridesmaids for older women (and a Twilight for the younger ones), the summer slate didn't give female moviegoers much from which to choose. Still, they propelled the male stripper flick Magic Mike to $113 million and made up more than half the audience for Snow White and the Huntsman, which did a respectable $155 million.

Note to USA Today:  The Twilight fan base is not made up of teenagers.  They just scream louder.  If you continue to get this wrong, no wonder females cannot get more than two films at a time. *sighs*

SWATH, which recently opened at its final location (Venezuela), has a total worldwide box office in the amount of $393,921,975 million dollars to date (Box Office Mojo).  This amount should be considered outstanding given consideration to the the competition and the subject matter.  However, for some reason its box office continues to get downplayed by the "so-called" entertainment experts (except Variety).  We wonder why...

This non-sequel, non-comic book or best-selling book fantasy film about a children's story which Disney has brainwashed the public with its fluffy singing, dancing and colors still beat down that other Snow White movie starring Julia Roberts, as it had to withstand the 3D IMAX onslaught of the summer. 

There is a debate whether SWATH should have at least been an IMAX film given its wonderful technical special effects and the epicness of the film.  The feeling is, had it been a male-led film, it would have been in IMAX and possibly 3D.  It should have been in IMAX regardless.  This would have given it the treatment, the premium ticket price and the increased box office it deserved.  But that debate is for another day.

USA Today reports that although this summer's box office was down from last year as August became the dumping ground of Hollywood's less desired, there were some standouts in the crop.

Of course there was the IMAX 3D billion dollar fight between Chris Hemsworth's The Avengers (graded A) which made the billion dollar mark first and The Dark Knight Returns also graded with an A although this film was met with its critics

Universal was also noted with its surprise hit Ted which was graded with a B; however Battleship barely passed with a C-.  Charlize Theron's Prometheus gets an average C+. 

Read more about the other films which made and missed the summer box office grade here. 

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