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The time is almost here to see Kristen Stewart in her final Twilight film as the promotion is about to get into full stride. 

Summit Entertainment will begin revealing the final Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 movie poster this Monday, however it will be revealed as a puzzle.  To obtain the puzzle pieces, fans must go to the subsequent Facebook pages listed below to reveal each piece.

The 5 pieces will be revealed as follows:

Monday, 1:00 PM PT (Tuesday, 8:00 AM - New Zealand) Section #1 revealed at

Monday, 5:00 PM PT (Tuesday, 9:00 AM - Tokyo) Section #2 revealed at 

Monday, 9:00 PM PT (Tuesday, 8:00 AM – Dubai) Section #3 revealed at

Tuesday, 1:00 AM PT (9:00 AM – London) Section #4 revealed at 

Tuesday, 5:00 AM PT (9:00 AM – Buenos Aires) Section #5 revealed at,

Tuesday, 9:00 AM PT (North America)
Full, final poster revealed at

Tickets also will begin to go on sale at 12am Monday, October 1st for both the Twilight Marathon which includes all 5 films as well as the individual Breaking Dawn Pt 2 tickets. 

Tickets can be purchased through (US).

Locations in the UK showing the complete saga as well as Breaking Dawn Part 2 courtesy of kristenstewartuk are listed below.  Use these links to locate and purchase tickets either for the complete saga or the individual film  below:


Check out the final Twilght trailer below:


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Happy Birthday to dwarf Ian 'Beith' Mcshane still looking as swoonworthy as ever at the age of 70! Yeah we know we called you 'Caesar' last year but no one told us the dwarf names were changed. *winks*

McShane, who recently joined fellow dwarf Nick 'Nion' Frost in filming his movie Cuban Fury (to be released next year), is considered one of Hollywood's legendary actors.  He starred in last years hit film The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with fellow SWATH actor Sam Claflin (Prince William) and is known for his tough guy role in the critically acclaimed HBO series Deadwood.

We hope to see McShane continue with his dwarf role in a future SWATH sequel.  In the meantime, have a wonderful day sir!



As popular as she is, hounded by the paparazzi and married to one of the most beloved individuals in the world, the UK's Princess Kate Middleton has become one of the standard bearers of fashion in the world.  Everyone wants to know "Who's she wearing?" on the daily basis. 

So it is beyond surprising to find out that someone who is known more for her dressed down look of tee shirts, slim jeans, hoodies and sneakers is the UK's #1 Most Searched Celebrity Style Icon of 2012.  Well, at least it's not surprising to her fans.

SWATH's Princess (now Queen) Kristen Stewart beat out Middleton in this annual poll.  No matter if it is surprising to the lesser fan or follower of Stewart, anyone who does follower her would find this not to be so. 

Here's the key: Do not judge Kristen by what she wears when she travels or is running errands around town because she is dressing for comfort and not for style even though she still has it.  Believe it or not, she has a style that girls want to copy no matter what she is wearing. What one would consider to be a ratty looking tee shirt will get sold out in stores just because she wore it. But when it comes to the red carpet she is second to NONE! 

Stewart is feature on the covers and in the top fashion magazines.

In an interview with Mexico's Skyview Magazine, Stewart expressed an interest in fashion, "I like fashion because it’s part of my work. I dive into the new trends when I have to, but I’m more of jeans and t-shirt kind of girl."  

If anyone follows Twitter, Stewart's style is constantly being searched.  Fashionistas like @courtjustice tweet almost daily about everything Stewart wears from the casual to the red carpet.  If a photo of Stewart hits the internet, within minutes fans will know the designer,  where to buy it, when it walked the runway, the price of each item worn from head to toe; and if it is too expensive, where to purchase the most similar clothes to the style for a more affordable price. Therefore, a girl or woman would be able to buy the look no matter what she wore.

When Stewart steps out on the red carpet, it is almost a guaranteed Trending Topic on Twitter.  Her appearance at the Paris Fashion Week's Balenciaga show on Thursday sent "Balenciaga" trending on Twitter with hundreds of tweets about what she was wearing. 

Elle UK may have helped tip this poll in Stewart's favor with their #KristenElle Twitter Photoshoot Promotion in March which also helped boost their magazine sales. 

No matter what you make think of Stewart's style be it the "tom boy casual" or the "red carpet icon", Stewart's got style!

Check out the rest of the "Top 10" list below and a few photos of Stewart's recent red carpet looks below.

UK's top 10 most searched celebrity style icon in 2012 are: 

1. Kristen Stewart 
2. Tulisa Contostavlos 
3. Zooey Deschanel 
4. Emma Watson 
5. Miranda Kerr 
6. Fearne Cotton 
7. Kim Sears 
8. Kate Middleton 
9. Sam Faiers 
10. Cheryl Cole (ANI)

Photos: Google Images


Here is a new video featuring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron that was released by Glamour UK in conjunction with the SWATH DVD release in the UK.  The UK will be able to purchase the Blu-ray DVD this Monday, October 1st.  

Take a look down memory lane as the cast reminds us why we love this film. 


Friday, September 28, 2012


In a recent interview in conjunction with the SWATH Blu-ray DVD release in the UK, SWATH dwarf Johnny 'Quert' Harris spoke with Indie London about SWATH and other topics.

Harris talks about the potential for a sequel, tells a charming story about his increased popularity with his teenage cousins because of him being in the film with Kristen Stewart, singing on the soundtrack as well as his next projects.   

This is a really good and insightful interview from his perspective.  Read some excerpts from his interview below.

Harris talks about being Quert and his popularity with family members because of Stewart.

"He’s a bad dude, yeah [laughs]. I guess that’s why playing Quert in Snow White was such a refreshing change for me. When [director] Rupert [Sanders] said I would be playing the softie of the bunch I kind of laughed. He did also say they were a tough little bunch. But I also got to sing as well. If you’d told me I’d be singing in a Universal pictures movies a couple of years ago I’d have laughed because I’m not a singer. But by sheer luck, none of the other guys were singers either! We all gave it a go and Rupert went through the list before eventually, against will, pushing me forward. He said they would be able to dub it if it was really bad. But it’s me and now I’m officially on an album." 

"It comes in handy with regards to scoring points with my little cousins. Prior to being in Snow White I never got so much as a second glance from them but as soon as I was in a film with Kristen Stewart, all of a sudden I was getting calls. I got married last week and all my cousins are around the 12-13 mark and you could see how I’ve changed in their eyes. Now, all of a sudden they’re asking me about my work and asking if I can get Kristen’s autograph!" 

Harris does not know the status of the next film but will be ready to go if called.

" hear all sorts of rumours and there’s a good chance. But I don’t know is the honest answer. It’s really healthy for an actor just to keep things in the moment. And I’m really lucky to be busy. I’m writing at the moment too. So, if it [the sequel] was to happen I’ll hear about it when I’m meant to. The good thing is that you get plenty of notice with films like that, so there’s no need to worry. I think only the producers know at this stage what’s happening."

Harris talks more about his experience with SWATH and working with the legendary Bob Hoskins (Muir) who has recently retired due to the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease as well as with Kristen Stewart (Snow White).  

About SWATH:

"It’s been lovely to do because the response to it has been beautiful. A big movie like this can sometimes forgo storytelling in favour of effects. But people seem to have really gone for it. All the actors on it have come through realism in their performances… people like Ray Winstone and Bob Hoskins. We all wanted to make it as honest and real and engaging as we could, so it’s been gratifying to see that people have responded to that in what they’ve been saying about the film."

Working with Stewart:

"Yeah, the scene in particular was the funeral scene when I had to sing. And it only got confirmed on the morning that I’d be singing on my own because of the technicality of getting us all to do it. In moments like that, when the camera is focused on you, you tend to find other actors disappear but they remained standing in. It kind of tells you a lot about the feeling in general on the set. So, when I looked around Kristen was there, and Chris [Hemsworth], and Ray and Bob were stood either side of me. I’ll never forget that moment. It was an emotional moment in the film, we were all crying a bit, and when I looked up Kristen was also crying and the camera was not even on her. So, I was tremendously grateful to her for that."

Harris gives a poignant take on Hoskins last day on set:

"Not many people know this and I think I’m right in saying this – I’m not sure if Bob had to do re-shoots – but the last scene we shot together was the coronation scene in the grand hall. You’re talking about a scene with 500 to 600, so a huge crowd in this massive hall, which had this lovely echoey effect, and Bob’s final scene involved him taking a bow in front of this huge cheering crowd. It was really poignant because you don’t usually get that in film. As a stage actor, you get applause, but as a film actor they call ‘cut’ and you trudge off home to look at the next day’s scene. We get our premieres, I suppose, so it’s swings and roundabouts. But it was so nice and fitting that his final scene on film is Bob taking a bow." 

Read more of this extensive interview here.  The SWATH DVD will be released in the UK on October 1st. Click here to order a Blu-ray copy today and just click on the Amazon link to all SWATH products on this page to get the CD and hear Harris sing 'Gone'. 

via @mrjohnnyharris

Photo sources:
Johnny Harris, Universal Pictures, Rythm & Hues

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Kristen Stewart & Selma Hayek

A little after 4am east coast time, the Balenciaga Paris fashion show began.  Although the clothes were to be the highlight, SWATH's own Kristen Stewart being the face of Balenciaga's new fragrance Florabotanica stole the show. Someone tweeted that there were more paparazzi outside than fashion show patrons entering. 

Broadcast via Livestream on Balenciaga's website, Stewart's entrance was the most anticipated as photogs clamored to take pictures of her alongside Academy Award nominated actress Selma Hayek before the show began.  After the show ended, "Balenciaga" began trending on Twitter and there is only one reason for that...Stewart. 

Stewart (l) and Wintour (r)
Placement at a fashion show lets one know where one stands in the pecking order of the fashion elite. Stewart, seen in this photo, was seated next to fashion icon and Vogue Magazine guru Anna Wintour. Yes, Stewart is high up on that ladder.

Hobknobbing with the world's fashion elite, Stewart is pictured here with Harper's Bazaar UK fashion director Gabriel Hackworthy. 

Balenciaga featured their Spring/Summer 2013 line which Stewart also wore. You could not miss Stewart in a "printed primrose yellow Balenciaga biker jacket, floral patterned trousers and chunky ankle boots" as described by Elle UK.  

The next big appearance for Stewart will be the promotion of her final Twilight movie, 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' which will begin in October. 

Check out more photos and videos of Stewart's Paris Fashion Week appearance below.

Stewart on left/Hayek on right

Stewart with Balenciaga's Nicolas Ghesquiere

Stewart is seen on the left-hand site as Hayek is see on the right front.

Kristen Stewart at Balenciaga PFW  - FULL by veronicaspuffy


Although the SWATH Blu-ray has dropped to #3 in sales last week, the SWATH DVD is still going strong at #1, according to Home Media Magazine.  

SWATH could not hold off the Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures collection but there is no shame in losing out to Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.  No shame at all. 

The SWATH DVD topped Chris Hemsworth's Cabin in the Woods which debut at #2 and holds the same place for the Blu-ray edition. 

The Hunger Games Blue-ray dropped to #6th place while Indiana Jones came in at #5.

While SWATH is still doing really well with DVD sales, it is still going strong on iTunes dropping one slot to #2 as The Avengers release takes the #1 spot.  But when a movie makes over a billion dollars, there is no shame being bumped by it as well. 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Balenciaga Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière  & Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is reported to be attending Paris Fashion Week.  Arriving today in Paris as the face of Balenciaga's Florabotanica fragrance, it will be no surprise to see her in the front row of the Balenciaga show as well as others. 

The Balenciaga show will take place this Thursday, September 27th at 10am CET/4am EDT/1am PDT (Convert to your time here). 

Here are links where the show can be viewed: Live 

See photos of Stewart's Paris arrival here



Even with a couple of stumbles at the box office with underwhelming performances by The Bourne Legacy and Battleship, Universal Pictures still succeeded in surpassing their North American box office record since 2008, by bringing in $1.127 billion dollars.

"Universal Pictures has set a record for the highest-grossing year domestically in the studio’s 100-year history," according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

"Our film team has done a great job starting to turn things around and preparing the studio for the future," NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke said. "They have built some great new franchises, reinvigorated some older ones and acquired some very promising intellectual property. We are excited to see them execute on their plan in the years to come."

Speaking of franchises, would one of them include a girl named Snow White because The Bourne series kinda fell flat. Jus' say'in.


Monday, September 24, 2012


Yes, here it are about to see Kristen Stewart in plenty of promos as the time is nearing for the last Twilight film  as 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2' opens November 16th.

Stewart gives a brief greeting to the fans of Chile in the video above.

Here is a sneak peek of People Magazines tribute to the final Twilight film below.  See more photos here.

via kstewangel/Souce

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