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As popular as she is, hounded by the paparazzi and married to one of the most beloved individuals in the world, the UK's Princess Kate Middleton has become one of the standard bearers of fashion in the world.  Everyone wants to know "Who's she wearing?" on the daily basis. 

So it is beyond surprising to find out that someone who is known more for her dressed down look of tee shirts, slim jeans, hoodies and sneakers is the UK's #1 Most Searched Celebrity Style Icon of 2012.  Well, at least it's not surprising to her fans.

SWATH's Princess (now Queen) Kristen Stewart beat out Middleton in this annual poll.  No matter if it is surprising to the lesser fan or follower of Stewart, anyone who does follower her would find this not to be so. 

Here's the key: Do not judge Kristen by what she wears when she travels or is running errands around town because she is dressing for comfort and not for style even though she still has it.  Believe it or not, she has a style that girls want to copy no matter what she is wearing. What one would consider to be a ratty looking tee shirt will get sold out in stores just because she wore it. But when it comes to the red carpet she is second to NONE! 

Stewart is feature on the covers and in the top fashion magazines.

In an interview with Mexico's Skyview Magazine, Stewart expressed an interest in fashion, "I like fashion because it’s part of my work. I dive into the new trends when I have to, but I’m more of jeans and t-shirt kind of girl."  

If anyone follows Twitter, Stewart's style is constantly being searched.  Fashionistas like @courtjustice tweet almost daily about everything Stewart wears from the casual to the red carpet.  If a photo of Stewart hits the internet, within minutes fans will know the designer,  where to buy it, when it walked the runway, the price of each item worn from head to toe; and if it is too expensive, where to purchase the most similar clothes to the style for a more affordable price. Therefore, a girl or woman would be able to buy the look no matter what she wore.

When Stewart steps out on the red carpet, it is almost a guaranteed Trending Topic on Twitter.  Her appearance at the Paris Fashion Week's Balenciaga show on Thursday sent "Balenciaga" trending on Twitter with hundreds of tweets about what she was wearing. 

Elle UK may have helped tip this poll in Stewart's favor with their #KristenElle Twitter Photoshoot Promotion in March which also helped boost their magazine sales. 

No matter what you make think of Stewart's style be it the "tom boy casual" or the "red carpet icon", Stewart's got style!

Check out the rest of the "Top 10" list below and a few photos of Stewart's recent red carpet looks below.

UK's top 10 most searched celebrity style icon in 2012 are: 

1. Kristen Stewart 
2. Tulisa Contostavlos 
3. Zooey Deschanel 
4. Emma Watson 
5. Miranda Kerr 
6. Fearne Cotton 
7. Kim Sears 
8. Kate Middleton 
9. Sam Faiers 
10. Cheryl Cole (ANI)

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