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"[Dwarf effect] was mainly achieved with good old school tricks, of raising the other actors in the shot or having the 'dwarf' actors lower than anybody else," says Cedric Nicolas-Troyan director of Visual Effects on SWATH.

Coinciding with the release of the SWATH Blu-ray DVD this week, gives insight into some of the visual effects secrets of the film. 

One effect secret was how the actors who portrayed the dwarves were made into little people on screen.  A trick Nicolas-Troyan talks about was digging trenches allowing the actors to stand in them making them shorter as well as using body doubles with CGI.

Nicolas-Troyan states, "...we created a dwarf double of the principal actor with matching wardrobe and extremely precise matching make-up, exceptionally crafted by David White and his team. On some of those shots we did some digital face replacements. We also digitally dwarfed the principal actors, shortening their limbs to make them look smaller. A lot of it was simple 2D compositing. We peppered those shots at key moments to always remind the audience who those dwarves were."

Nicolas-Troyan says there were a lot of challenges on set and with the effects.  However, the "troll sequence" was challenging but went smoothly.

"...very challenging sequence on paper and almost the easiest to shoot. The reason: We prepared it, rehearsed it and shot it without changing anything. The result: One of the most memorable sequence in the film. We got lucky." 

Read more of his interview here and order your copy of the DVD from Amazon from the link on our site.

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