Thursday, October 4, 2012



And the winner is...


You've been sent an email to send us your mailing address.  You'll be viewing #SWATH soon!!

Congratulations for everyone who participated.  Enjoy your SWATH DVD!!!!

Yes we have one of the coveted Steelbooks to give away to a lucky SWATH fan. It is the US version but if you have a dvd that has a regional converter, please enter! 

The hardcover is made of steel and has the famous SWATH tree on front and the back has Snow White, The Huntsman and the Queen.  The Queen's knife and the Huntsman's ax look like steel.   

It has all of the famous bells and whistles everyone is talking about: 

- Ultraviolet to make your movies in the cloud.

- Both blu-ray and regular dvd versions.

- Digital copy for your iTouch, iPads, computers and more...

- The pocket blu app viewing experience.

- Special Features including the 360 degree set tour, bonuses and more!

There are three ways to enter all you have to do is:

1. Send us a tweet via Twitter just stating that you need the SWATH DVD: "I need the #SWATHDVD!" or,

2. Post a comment on our Facebook stating, "I need the #SWATHDVD!" or, 

3. Send us an email at stating in the subject heading, "I need that #SWATHDVD!" or,

One entry per person. 

Your name will be entered in a drawing and you will be sent notification in the manner you chose to enter (Twitter, Facebook or Email).

The contest is open to everyone around the world but we note that this is the United States version.

The winner will be announced in a follow up post.

All entries have to be in by Monday, October 8th 11:59am.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 9th.


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