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Source: Huffington Post UK

Trying to find out his direction in life, acting is the path SWATH's Johnny Harris took and has never looked back.

The Huffington Post UK took time out to find out what is behind the man who is behind some of film's most unique characters which "most actors are afraid to tackle such as Mick, the serial sex abuser from Shane Meadows' This Is England '86, a role which won him a best supporting actor BAFTA nomination, according to HPUK."

Harris reveals the auspicious beginnings to his career and how acting had an affect on him:

"I had anger which needed outlet, and I also felt like I had something to say. I think acting evolves. It isn't now what it was when I first started out." Johnny, 39, was 21 when he began his [acting] classes. 

"I was working at the same time on building sites and in car parks to earn my living. I was discontented with the world. There was an answer, it seemed to me, that was eluding me. I couldn't find the eloquence to express it, but I felt it and I knew it was real. "With actors, I saw people who could go to another place to work this feeling out. It was no more than that for me, just a desire to get it out. Whatever it was. Because it was hurting."

From England to Paris back to England, Harris finally found what he was destined to do. 

"An actor has to burn inside, with an outer ease," said Russian-American theatre practitioner Michael Chekhov, and this appears to be true of Johnny, whose eyes are lit from within, a gaze seeking answers in the middle distance where hang his memories. 

Read the rest of the article here at HPUK and look out for Harris in future film projects in 2013. Check back with us for more information as they come.

Source: Johnny Harris via Twitter

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