Thursday, December 20, 2012


Yahoo released their Best and Worst Movie Trailers of 2012 and SWATH is one of the best!

Oh how do we remember when the trailers for SWATH were released. The hardened critics had to stand up and take notice and fans worldwide just went crazy. 

To see the special effects images from the shattering soldier to seeing the queen take the life out of a beautiful girl, the SWATH trailer was an instant hit.  The ravens, the milk bath, the dwarves, the troll, the Enchanted Forest, the Mirror Man and the dark forest creatures were enough to blow the minds and excite the senses.  And with all of that, there was a love story in there somewhere.

Yahoo states: 

"'Snow White and the Huntsmen, second theatrical trailer' -- It’s easy to say they had us at Charlize Theron’s milk bath, but that’s just one of the stark and stylish images that make this trailer stand out. And the reimagining of the mirror on the wall as a liquid-gold menace is a perfect symbol for just how different this telling of the classic fairy tale will be from the one we’ve grown up with. Then there’s the fact that the heroes of the adventure -- Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth -- don't show up until well after the menace is so deviously established, thus making their evil-squelching presence subconsciously desired."

Let's take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at a trailer that got the whole world's attention and fans wanting for more.  Check it out above. 


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