Wednesday, January 9, 2013



Entertainment Weekly released the first photos of Sam Claflin as the athletically handsome Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games sequel Catching FireSam is definitely looking the part.

Sam will be featured in this weeks EW which includes an interview while he was on set in Hawaii.  The EW cover below features Sam with lead actress Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen.  We have to say, EW may have tried to place her in the foreground but she may as well be a prop in this photo because Sam is stealing the show.

EW writes:

"EW also sat down with Sam Claflin, the green-eyed, dimpled Brit who won the role of District 4′s charming and enigmatic golden boy Finnick Odair, for his first Hunger Games interview. He described filming the infamous sugar cube scene, in which Finnick teases Katniss while wearing nothing beyond some strategically placed netting, as "the scariest moment of my life. I’m on Twitter and so many people have been like 'Don’t mess this up, or we will kill you.'" 

It is pretty safe to say those who told Sam they would cause him bodily harm if he "messed this up" were not SWATH fans.  

Read more here at EW and pick up a copy of the magazine at stands this week.  If you miss out, when it comes available, you can back order it here.


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