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Paul Lowe


The SAG goes to the stunt ensemble for the film 'Skyfall' and the television show 'Game of Thrones'.  Congrats to all those SWATH stunt actors who participated in the winning film and TV show.  

See the SWATH stunt actors highlighted below and check out the full list of SAG winners here:

Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture 


Hussain Adbullah
Arsha Aghdasi
Mahsa Ahmadi
Gillian Aldam
Lucy Allen
Scott Armstrong
Gary Arthurs
Amir Badri
Lee Bagley
Cody Banta
Carly Barnes
Lloyd Bass
Nikki Berwick
Mustafa Beyter
Dani Biernat
Nellie Burroughes
Michael Byrch
Annabel Canaven
Justo Usin Carrera
Boris Martinez Casel
Tracy Caudle
Nick Chopping 
Ben Collins
Ben Cooke
Rob Cooper
James Cox
Talila Craig
David Cronnelly
Eugenio Jiminez Cubillo 
Clive Curtis 
Zarene Dallas 
Inci Demirbas 
Ümit Demirbas 
Rick English 
Bradley Farmer 
Elaine Ford 
David Forman 
Vladimir Furdik 
Halil Ibrahim Gezer 
Saied Gholamie 
Andy Godbold 
Oliver Gough 
Jean-Pierre Goy 
Evangelos Grecos 
Richard Hansen 
Bobby Holland Hanton 
Dee Harrop 
Elliot Hawkes
Rob Herring 
Mark Higgins 
Jason Hunjan 
Rob Hunt 
Dusan Hyska 
Rowley Irlam 
Martin Ivanov 
Cressida Jade 
Tolga Kenan 
Paul Kennington 
Géza Kovács 
Görkem Kün 
Maurice Lee 
Andy Lister 
Jan Loukota 
Kevin Lyons 
Robbie Maddison 
Marc Mailley 
Kai Martin 
Tina Maskell 
Belinda McGinley 
Morteza Megdizadeh 
Angela Meryl 
Casey Michaels 
Peter Miles 
Gareth Milne 
Sian Milne 
Mark Mottram 
Alim Muzaffer 
Brian Nickels 
James O'Dee 
Justin Pearson 
Ian Peed
Heather Philips 
Gary Powell 
Greg Powell 
Tilly Powell 
Dominic Preece 
Charles Ramsay 
David Rea 
Gino Rea 
Kai Fung Rieck
Tom Rodgers
Yunus Emre Sagukkanli
Diz Sharpe
Mark Slaughter 
Curtis Small
Andy Smart 
Mark Southworth 
Marvin Stewart-Campbell
Roy Street 
Gabor Szeman
Mens-Sana Tamakloe 
Rocky Taylor 
Arran Topham 
Vi-Dan Tran 
Sam Trimming
Emre Ugantas 
Fatih Ugurlu
Cuco Usin 
Tony Van Silva 
Ami Verge 
Rudolf Vrba 
Damien Walters
Vincent Wang 
David Ware 
Calvin Warrington-Heasman
Marlow Warrington-Mattei 
Reg Wayment
Paul Weston 
Alistair Whitton
Martin Wilde
Belle Williams
Donna C. Williams
Sarah Lochlan Williams
Annabel Wood
Ben Wright
Liang Yang
Roger Yuan

Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series


Rob Cooper
Jamie Edgell
Dave Fisher
Dave Forman
Paul Herbert
Michelle McKeown
Sian Miline
Jimmy O'Dee
Domonkos Pardanyi
Marcus Shakesheff 
CC Smiff
Mark Southworth


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SWATH's resident award-winning stuntman Paul Lowe is nominated for two Screen Actors' Guild Awards tonight as part of the stunt ensembles for the films The Dark Knight Rises and Universal's Les Miserables.  Paul won two SAG awards last year being a part of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and Game of Thrones stunt ensembles.

Dan Euston Picture
Dan Euston
Having a large stunt ensemble, SWATH has many of its stuntmen nominated for other films and television shows as well.  SWATH stuntman Dan Euston joins Paul in his nominations for the same films.

Below is a list of SWATH's stunt performers, as much as it could be ascertained, of who are nominated tonight as part of their stunt ensembles for film. The names were gathered and compared from the cast names listed under "Stunts" on IMDb and compared with the official SWATH production Stunt Performer list.  Although IMDb is not an "official casting list" for the films, hopefully we are acknowledging as many stunt performers as correctly as possible. So congratulations to all!  

These are the names of the nominees for the film category only :

Les Misrables (Universal Pictures)

Tony Christian
Jonathan Cohen
Levan Doran
Dan Euston
Bradley Farmer
David Grant
Rowley Irlam
Paul Lowe
David Newton
Saloman Passariello
Ian Pead
Andy Pilgrim
Marcus Shakesheff
Ryan Stuart
Arran Topham
Andy Wareham
Reg Wayment
Steen Young

The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Gary Arthurs
Dan Euston
Aldonio Freitas
Bradley Farmer
Bobby Holland Hanton
Paul Lowe
Lee Millham
Rory Mulroe
David Newton
Saloman Passariello
Chris Pollard
Shane Steyne
Mens-Sana Tamakloe
Roy Taylor
Calvin Warrington-Heasman
Reg Wayment

Skyfall (Columbia Pictures)

Gary Arthurs
Bradley Farmer
Vladimir 'Furdo' Furdik
Bobby Holland Hanton
Elliot Hawkes
Rowley Irlam
Marc Mailley
James O'Donnell
Charles Ramsey
Tom Rodgers
Mens-Sana Tamakloe
Calvin Warrington-Heasman
Marlow Warrington-Meittei
Reg Wayment

The Amazing Spiderman (Columbia Pictures)

Saloman Passariello

The full list of film and television shows nominated is listed below. For the full press release of all the SAG nominees, click here

The 19th Screen Actor Guild Awards premieres tonight on cable channels TBS and TNT simultaneously at 8pm EST/5pm PST/1am GST.  

Let's hope Paul and the others can keep the streak going with win. Good luck!!! 


ENSEMBLES Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Columbia Pictures)
THE BOURNE LEGACY (Universal Pictures)
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (Warner Bros. Pictures)
LES MISÉRABLES (Universal Pictures)
SKYFALL (Columbia Pictures)

Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series


Check out more behind the scenes videos here.

Source: SAG

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