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Anonymous Oscar Ballot - H 2013

Sometimes it is just nice to see someone actually have a "pair" and state the truth instead of what is popular. 

The Hollywood Reporter got their hands on an Oscar ballot from an "unnamed" director and his comments on the ballot are stated to be "brutally honest."  

To the most touted, popular and hyped (see anything Weintstein), you're just not getting your due with this guy.  He takes on the nominations and he takes no prisoners.

THR writes, "His main issue, in fact, is with the studios that have inundated him with promotional swag, most of which he doesn’t want. “I’ve gotten books, cookbooks and just about everything short of Lincoln condoms,” he cracked. “It’s ridiculous.” Eventually, we got down to business, and, in no particular order, touched upon all 24 Oscar categories." 

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Here are a few of his notations: 

Leading Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence gets a "Nope!" 

Supporting Actor nominee Tommy Lee Jones gets a "Too grumpy."

Director nominee Michael Haneke for Amore get a "Boo!"

You just can't make this stuff up.

So what does this "unknown director" have to say about Costume Design nominee Colleen Atwood's work? 

“This always goes to the nominee with the puffiest dresses. Just once I’d like to see a more modern film put into this category. Mirror Mirror is out for me. Lincoln is out for me. I just don’t want to support Anna Karenina, even though it’s probably going to win because it’s exactly the kind of movie that does win this award; people who haven’t even seen the film are going to vote for it because it just has that smell. But I’m gonna go for Snow White because you had the knights in the shining armor and then you had the more mythical costumes and on and on. I think it was just a little bit more inventive than the others.” 

Vote: Snow White and the Huntsman

You cannot argue with the "puffiest" observation since Mirror, Mirror just won at the Costume Guild Award for Best Fantasy Costume over SWATH.  You can't get more puffier than what was in that film. 

Although SWATH is nominated for Best Visual Effects, the same VFX team is up for Life of Pi and Mr. Anonymous gives Rhythm and Hues the nod for that film instead.  But his "lost in the woods" comment does make one chuckle. 

"I did not see all of the nominees, but with something like visual effects you can see enough of a film, in many cases, to make an informed decision. The Hobbit lost me with the 48 frames-per-second; I think it’s failed experiment -- noble, but failed. The Avengers and Prometheus are the same old thing. Snow White and the Huntsman lost me when they went into the woods. But Life of Pi is pretty extraordinary—the visuals are as magnificent as anything I’ve seen in a movie in a very long time. I was also very impressed that the tiger is so realistic and so unsentimental." 

Why couldn't he give the fairies any love? Oh well, can't win them all. 

Check out the rest of his colorful analysis here at THR. Just be aware when you get to Best Original Song, he pulls no punches showing how he feels about Adele.  The cleaner version is, "There's no competition," but we like the way he says it. 

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