Monday, February 11, 2013


Poster created by R&H for their site during 
SWATH filming.

The Wrap is reporting that visual effects company Rhythm and Hues was forced to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  R&H won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts ("BAFTA") last night for their work on the film Life of Pi.

R&H work on the visual effects for SWATH. Variety writes:

R&H is famed for its creatures and animals and created the digital animals on "Life of Pi" and "Snow White and the Huntsman," both up for the vfx Oscar. It uses proprietary software, which increases training time for artists that join the company and makes it hard for its studio clients to pull animation work in progress and hand it to another facility. To do so essentially means starting over.

The Wrap further states that Lionsgate has already pulled its film Catching Fire from R&H from doing its effects work.  R&H told it's 1,400 employees that some of them will be laid off. 

The Wrap reports the root cause for current economic issues for the visual-effects industry is due to tax incentives. 

"Some visual-effects industry executives and artists blame studios' hunger for tax incentives for fostering an environment where foreign and state governments are constantly undercutting each other with ever more generous film production credit packages. That in turn, has lured many major projects out of Los Angeles to places like Canada and the United Kingdom, forcing visual-effects shops to open up far-flung outposts to stay competitive." 

SWATH is currently nominated for an Oscar for its visual effects alongside Life of Pi. 

Read more about the R&H story here


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