Saturday, April 13, 2013


To All Loyal & Dedicated SWATH fans:

Almost two weeks ago, MTV nominated Snow White, played by Kristen Stewart, for their Best Hero Award. It was an honor to have one of our characters nominated for an awards show that features top A-list talent in the film and music industry.  It was the only award SWATH had been nominated for and we were excited for the nomination.

I have worked diligently having fun with fans on Twitter gathering votes for Snow White believing that votes would be appropriately accounted for according to the rules set forth by MTV which state, "Every hashtag counts as one vote."  

SWATH cast members as well as producer Palak Patel have cast votes on Twitter and have encouraged others to do so.  Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention (see tweets below) that fans' Twitter accounts were being flagged to be reported as spam for following MTV's rules which state, "every hashtag [#votesnowwhite] counts as one vote."  

This type of voting is not considered "spam" as defined by Twitter.  The hashtags were not being used to "post multiple unrelated topics" or for the reasons defined as "spam." Therefore, reporting these fans for voting pursuant to MTV's rule is a form of harassment and is unacceptable as I see it.  If there are any other problems with the accounts, then the process for reporting the particular problem should be adhered to according to Twitter's standards.

Fans of the affected accounts have continued to ask if their votes "will be counted?"  This cannot be ascertained, unfortunately.  It is unknown if these fans have not been harmed (if their votes have been counted or if they continue to use their accounts, that they will be counted).  

The voting process cannot include supposition and innuendo by others in order to circumvent votes as all people deserve due process.  

With that said, I will no longer ask or encourage fans to participate in this MTV voting process for Best Hero and report the voting tallies because it is unknown if the reported accounts are having their votes counted or if other fan accounts are/have been effected. 

However, you may continue to participate to secure the win for Snow White. This fansite will continue to support Snow White via Twitter utilizing the hashtag because she is a nominee representing SWATH.

I thank you all for your passion and support of Snow White.  It is my hopes that you continue to vote and bring it home for her because she truly is the Best Hero of them all. 

Thank you. 


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