Wednesday, May 22, 2013


"I love SWATH because Snow White [taught] me that real strength comes from the heart." ~ @Robstenmins 

This is the sentiment of the winner of the Huntsman Gift Bag Giveaway in celebration of our 2nd Anniversary. 

The contest required fans to explain "why they love SWATH" in order to enter to win the prize.

The fan submissions were poignant and heartfelt. These are the reasons why the sequel had to be made. Below are a few of the entries.  

So, CONGRATULATIONS @Robstenmins! Thank you for sharing your love for SWATH.

Why I Love SWATH...

@DogPawDK3: "I love SWATH because it is very stunningly told. I was overwhelmed when I saw it because it was so beautiful."

@artifkristen: "I love SWATH because it gives women a chance to be a hero in her own story."

Amy H (in part):
"I thought the effects in this film were AMAZING. Scenes like the enchanted forest were simply beautiful to watch and the detail was amazing. The ending of the film left us all wanting more and I'm so so excited for the sequel! I think everyone who saw this film learnt something from it, from Snow White’s determination to succeed." 

@jenannrodrigues: "I love SWATH because it's about a girl who is willing to die for her people..."

Threcy C (in part): "The film itself is really beautiful. The special effects are magical, the costumes are outstanding, the music is captivating and challenging. The dark side of the film gives it a lot of depth. Dwarves provide the humor, the Huntsman and the Prince touches the love and Snow White and the Queen beauty button. For me this film is complete, we have no time to get bored. Humor, emotions, love, fighting...strongly more!"

@VanneCullenLutz: "I love SWATH because it tells the story in a different way it - adds more action and magic and a dark twist."

Thanks to Universal Studios for the gift items.

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