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Regardless if either actress will make the list next year, they are still two of the top actresses in Hollywood. 

Forbes continues to issue their lists of the best money receivers and generators in entertainment with their list of the Top 10 Most Powerful Actresses of 2013. Stewart has already made their list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities as well. 

Kristen Stewart coming in at #4 and Charlize Theron at #8 both made the list with Angelina Jolie coming in at #1.  

What the exact criteria is to make the list is not really clear.  Jolie did not bring in much film income but generated a worldwide conversation regarding her health issues.  Jennifer Lawrence did not bring in a big paycheck even with her films The Hunger Games or Silver Linings Playbook, but she made the list based upon her future projects which include several blockbusters. 

Neither Stewart or Theron have blockbusters coming out this year. Stewart has two indies in pre-production (Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria). However, she does have the SWATH sequel to look forward to in 2014.  

Theron appears to be concentrating her efforts into producing several projects as well as appearing in smaller budgeted films.  

Read what Forbes writes about them both below and view the entire list here.

#4 Kristen Stewart:

"With the Twilight money still rolling in (for now), Stewart makes her fourth appearance on the Celebrity 100 list after topping our list of Hollywood's Highest-Paid Actresses last year. This is likely to be Stewart's last Celebrity 100 list for a while though. While she helped make Snow White and the Huntsman a hit, a sequel is still a ways off and the actress doesn't seem terribly interested in doing more big-budget movies." 

#8 CharlizeTheron:

"[Charlize Theron] likes to balance her work in smaller films, like 2011's Young Adult, with bigger-budget fare like last year's Snow White and the Huntsman. She also starred in Prometheus, the kind-of prequel to Aliens which earned $403 million at the global box office. Theron supplements her movie money with high-paid endorsements for brands like Dior. She's now adding behind-the-scenes duties to her resume, executive producing a Hatfields & McCoys pilot for NBC."

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