Monday, July 29, 2013


Kristen Stewart's Twilight franchise along with SWATH helped her make Forbes list of Highest Paid Actresses. Angelina Jolie, who stars in producer Palak Patel's Maleficent coming out next year, tops the list at #1.

Stewart does not have any big budget films coming out this year which will make it hard for her to make the list next year. But with Stewart's concentration on her indie roots making smaller films (Camp X-Ray, Sils Maria), this will not stop her fans from looking forward to her work next year no matter what she is paid.   

Forbes writes: 

"Kristen Stewart, who topped the list last year with $34.5 million, ranks third this time around with $22 million. We credited Stewart with her upfront pay on Snow While and the Huntsman last year. Stewart has appeared on our Celebrity 100 list four times but this could be her last year. With the Twilight series finished, Stewart’s biggest income source is drying up. For now, Stewart seems happy to do smaller films like the recent On the Road..."

See who else made the list here at Forbes.

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