Monday, September 9, 2013


Kristen Sandy Relief
Kristen Stewart appearing during the 12.12.12 event

Some fans would give an arm and leg, however an unknown Arabian Prince gave up $500,000 "IN CASH" to charity just to speak to Kristen Stewart for 15 minutes. 


Entertainment stars travel to the middle east to make private appearances for such dignitaries all of the time. Kristen is known for her humble and quiet work with raising funds for many charities.  This was one closely held secret for such a public event. 

Huffington Post got Hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein to admit this unknown fact while covering the Toronto Film Festival's world premiere of his film "12.12.12". 

Stewart participated in the charitable star-studded musical television event known as The Concert for Sandy Relief in order to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"First of all, Weinstein gleefully confessed that he'd platonically whored out "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart for charity funds. Apparently the "Prince of an Arabian country" was offering to pay top dollar for a fifteen minute chat with the chronically awkward actress. 

"Weinstein called Stewart and filled her in on the situation. "She said 'How much?' My kind of girl," he quipped. The mogul and the prince were eventually able to agree to a $500 000 donation. In cash. The prince, Stewart and a number of body guards enjoyed a lovely fifteen minutes together during the concert."

Wow, OK.  Nothing much to say about this but...the power of Kristen Stewart.

Read more about the premiere here.

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