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Paramount Pictures released a featurette about Ray Winstone's character Tubal Cain for their biblical epic Noah.

Noah, based on the bible story, stars Russell Crowe as Noah, Anthony Hopkins as Methusela and Harry Potter's Emma Watson as Ila.  

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noah russell crowe ray winstone Ray Winstones Tubal Cain Highlighted In New Noah Featurette
Russell Crow & Ray Winstone

Noah has been under a bit of controversy recently with its being banned in Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar as well as under the threat of protest by a religious group.  

However, those critics who have seen it so far have been impressed with it. 

Opinion writer Kathleen Parker for the Washington Post writes:

"I recently viewed the film and can confidently report the following: If you liked 'Braveheart,' 'Gladiator,' 'Star Wars,' “The Lord of the Rings,” “Indiana Jones” or 'Titanic,' you will like 'Noah.' If you liked two or more of the above, you will love 'Noah.' Your enjoyment increases exponentially with each movie checked above, though I should warn that 'Titanic' made the cut for only one reason, the major difference between it and; 'Noah' being obvious. 'Noah' also includes the essential love story or two, without which no story floats."

Read the rest of her opinion here.

The UK premiere will be held March 31st at the Odeon Cinema in London England. The red carpet begins at 3:30p GST/10a ET/7a PT. 

Both Winstone and Crowe are scheduled to attend.  

Noah opens in North America March 28th and April 4th in the UK. 

Ray Winstone attended the 'Noah' premiere at Zoo Palast in Berlin, Germany

Ray Winstone - 'Noah' Premieres in Berlin

Ray Winstone - 'Noah' Premieres in Berlin

Sources: THR/LFR
Photo Source: Zillow

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