Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Photo by Horowitz

Did the prince have a SWATH flashback beating down the huntsman?

Sam Claflin visited MTV during the New York leg of the promotion of his new horror film The Quiet Ones only to join MTV News reporter Josh Horowitz in his funny After Hours skit.  

Entitled "Sam Claflin: Master of Fear," it parodies Sam's fear of everything although he swears he is afraid of nothing. 

Horowitz leads Sam through a tour of the MTV offices as he [Sam] comes across everyday items such as staplers and spit pea soup which he pretends not to be afraid of but clearly he is afraid.

They soon come across a cardboard cutout of Chris Hemsworth which is a photo of him during his last appearance on the MTV Movie Awards where he shared the stage with Kristen Stewart. 

Kristen Stewart Wins At MTV Movie Awards!

Sam then snaps thinking the cutout is a demon replica of Chris without his signature smile and proceeds to beat the pulp out of it with a bat. 

Check out Sam in this hilarious skit above and head to theaters this Friday to check out The Quiet Ones.  

Get tickets at Fandango for the early showings tomorrow night. 

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