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SWATH FAMILY MOURNS THE LOSS OF LEGENDARY ACTOR BOB HOSKINS..."Brilliant, Inspirational" ~ Eddie "Duir" Marsan


The twinkle in his eye.  The adorable side smirk. The gravelly American accent he presented on ocassion. The brilliant British gone.

Today the world lost a great actor.  For some, a great person. For SWATHers...our loveable wiseman.

Robert William Hoskins fondly called "Bob," died Tuesday night at the age of 71 of pneumonia.

Mr. Hoskins' health had been an issue for some time.  In 2012 shortly after the release of Snow White and the Huntsman, it was announced that he had Parkinson disease which led to his official retirement from acting.  

Sadly, SWATH would be the final film of his outstanding career.

The SWATH cast expressed their condolences via Twitter, as did the world, trending "RIP Bob Hoskins" throughout the day.

SWATH's Eddie Marsan tweeted:

"I never thought it was possible to become an actor until I saw Pennies From Heaven as a kid. RIP Bob Hoskins, brilliant, inspirational, kind."

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Mr. Hoskins had a tremendous career.

Variety wrote:

"Perhaps his most memorable performance was as the Cockney cabbie who fell in love with a black callgirl in Neil Jordan’s 1987 “Mona Lisa,” for which he was Oscar-nommed and won best actor awards at Cannes, the BAFTAs and the Golden Globes. 

Roger Ebert’s review singled him out: “‘Mona Lisa’ stars Bob Hoskins as George. You may remember him as the ferocious little mob boss in ‘The Long Good Friday,’ where he had it all fixed up to go respectable and then someone started blowing up his pubs. Hoskins is one of the very best new British actors, and this is a great performance.”

With all of the various characters he has played, the one role he did not consider was to play Wolverine who X-men writer Chris Claremont wanted him  to play.

See a list of his films at IMDb.

The one role that is close to the hearts of SWATH fans is Muir, the blind but wise 'ol dwarf.  Muir had one of the film's favorite quotes:

"You have eyes Huntsman but you do not see - she is the one."

Johnny Harris who played his son, "Quert" worked closely with Mr. Hoskins.  In one interview, Harris spoke fondly about Mr. Hoskins as he described the last scene they filmed filmed together. 

"Not many people know this and I think I’m right in saying this – I’m not sure if Bob had to do re-shoots – but the last scene we shot together was the coronation scene in the grand hall. You’re talking about a scene with 500 to 600, so a huge crowd in this massive hall, which had this lovely echoey effect, and Bob’s final scene involved him taking a bow in front of this huge cheering crowd. It was really poignant because you don’t usually get that in film. 

As a stage actor, you get applause, but as a film actor they call ‘cut’ and you trudge off home to look at the next day’s scene. We get our premieres, I suppose, so it’s swings and roundabouts. But it was so nice and fitting that his final scene on film is Bob taking a bow."

Thank you Mr. Hoskins, we all bow to you.  Rest in peace sir and thank you.

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