Snow White and the Huntsman has received many awards and nominations for both performance and technical merits.  The awards/nominations range from within the professional film community (Oscars, Designers Guild) as well as from the entertainment field (Kid's Choice, Rembrandt) .

See all of the award achievements below. 

Oscars/Academy Awards, USA 2013

Nominated, Oscar Best Achievement in Costume            
  Colleen Atwood

Nominated, Oscar Best Achievement in Visual 
  Nicolas-Troyan, Phil Brennan, Neil Corbould, 
 Michael Dawson 

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA 2013

Nominated, Saturn Award Best Fantasy Film

Nominated, Saturn Award Best Supporting 
  Charlize Theron

Nominated, Saturn Award Best Costumes 
 Colleen Atwood

Nominated, Saturn Award Best Special Effects 
  Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, Phil Brennan, Michael 
 Dawson, Neil Corbould 

BAFTA Awards 2013

Nominated, BAFTA Film Award Best Costume 
  Colleen Atwood 

Designers Guild Awards 2013

• Nominated, CDG Award Excellence in Fantasy 
 Colleen Atwood 

Golden Trailer Awards 2012

Won, Golden Trailer Best Action (Universal 
   Pictures and Wild Card).
   For "Forever".

Won, Golden Trailer Best Summer Blockbuster 
   2012 TV Spot (Universal Pictures).
   For "Ravenna".

Nominated, Golden Trailer Best in Show
  (Universal Pictures and Wild Card).
  For "Forever".

Nominated, Golden Trailer Best Motion/Title 
  Graphics (Universal Pictures).
  For "Domestic Trailer 2".

Nominated, Golden Trailer Best Summer 
  Blockbuster 2012 TV Spot (Universal Pictures and
  Wild Card). 
  For "Bound".

• Nominated, Golden Trailer Best Summer
  Blockbuster 2012 TV Spot (Aspect Ratio and 
  Universal Pictures). 
 For "Kingdom".

Kids' Choice Awards, USA 2013 

Won, Blimp Award Favorite Female Butt Kicker 
  Kristen Stewart 

MTV Movie Awards 2013

Nominated, MTV Movie Award Best Hero
  Kristen Stewart

MovieGuide Awards 2013

• Nominated, Best Film for Mature Audiences

• Nominated, Grace Award Most Inspiring
   Performance in Movies 
    Kristen Stewart

Nominated, Epiphany Prize Most Inspiring

People's Choice Awards, USA 2013 

Won, People's Choice Award Favorite Action 
   Movie Star 
   Chris Hemsworth 
  • Also for Red Dawn and The Avengers. 

Nominated, People's Choice Award Favorite 

• Nominated, People's Choice Award Favorite Face 
   of Heroism 
    Kristen Stewart

• Nominated, People's Choice Award Favorite On-
   Screen Chemistry 
   Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart

Nominated, People's Choice Award Favorite 
  Dramatic Movie Actress 
  Charlize Theron 
   • Also for Prometheus.

Rembrandt Awards (Netherlands)  2013

• Nominated, Rembrandt Award Best 
   International Actress (Beste Buitenlandse 
 Kristen Stewart 

San Diego Film Critics Society Awards 2012 

• Won, Special Award 
 Greig Fraser 
  • Also for Zero Dark Thirty and Killing Them Softly.
  • For the body of work in the last year.

Satellite Awards 2012 

• Nominated, Satellite Award Best Costume Design 
   Colleen Atwood

• Nominated, Satellite Award Best Sound (Editing 
  & Mixing) 
 Craig Henighan, Andy Nelson, Chris Munro

Teen Choice Awards 2012 

• Won, Teen Choice Award Choice Movie Hissy Fit 
 Charlize Theron

• Won, Teen Choice Award Choice Summer Movie 
   Star: Female 
   Kristen Stewart

• Won, Teen Choice Award Choice Summer Movie 
   Star: Male 
   Chris Hemsworth
  • Also for The Avengers. 

• Nominated, Teen Choice Award
 Choice Movie Breakout Sam Claflin 

• Nominated, Teen Choice Award
  Choice Summer Movie: Action Adventure 

• Nominated, Teen Choice  
  Choice Summer Movie Star: Female 
 Charlize Theron 
  • Also for Prometheus. 

• Nominated, Teen Choice Award Choice Movie 
 Charlize Theron 

World Soundtrack Awards 2012 

• Nominated, World Soundtrack Award Best 
  Original Song Written for a Film 
 Florence and the Machine (performer),    
 Florence Welch (music by/lyrics by), 
 Isabella Summers (music by/lyrics by)
 • For the song "Breath of Life".

Credit to IMDb

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