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  The Enchanting Beauty:
~A Snow White and the Huntsman Fansite~


This is a fansite to support the film franchise, the cast and crew. It will be informative with the latest news as well as provide features, editorials, future projects by the cast, opinion polls and more. 

We hope you enjoy our fansite and make us your SWATH headquarters. ~ D

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Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Writer/Site Administrator

Dancerone ~   When I heard there was a rumor Kristen was up for the role as 'Snow White', I knew this movie was not going to be anything like the version that we all knew as children growing up.  She is such a unique actress that you just know that this Snow White would be incredible. 

I knew Kristen would bring a twist to this character that we've never seen on screen before.  If you ever saw 'The Cake Eaters' you will see Kristen bring attributes to the character that you wouldn't expect. She brought such independence and strength and even sensuality and sexuality to a character that was struck with a debilitating disease.

I just had a feeling that this was going to be as special especially after hearing and reading what the producers had to say about it.   So, I dusted off the 'ol communications degree and then prior to any ComicCon hype, I created this fansite.  

I only hope you all will appreciate the effort and enjoy our posts. We don't have a professional editor and we all have lives outside of the world of SWATH, so if a couple of misspellings or grammatical or any other errors get through, don't be too hard on us. You'll get the point, trust me. 

I've been joined with my friend, CheerMom. We found each other through another wonderful project of Kristen's you may have heard of called 'Twilight'.  The fandom gets beat up by the media but it's one of the most unique unexplainable "good" things that's happened.  It's made friendships all over the world and I'm blessed to know we've been brought together just over a story of a girl loving a vampire.  Who would have thought?  

Not to mention, we're both former cheerleaders and Universal has made the best cheerleader movie EVER called "Bring It On."  

I hope that this blog shows how much we support the project and hopefully with the sequels, Kristen, the cast and crew.  

DEGREE:  Bachelor of Arts
      Major:  Radio-Television-Film Communications
      Minor:  Broadcast Journalism
                    Temple University School of Mass Media &
                    Communications - Philadelphia, PA
                    GO OWLS!!

FUN FACT: Cheerleader/Dance Judge


Editor/Writer/Site Administor

CheerMom ~ I am a lowly Cheermom who stumbled upon Kristen Stewart while watching a little film called Twilight get filmed. Since then, I have learned more about who she is and what she stands for. Technically, she could be my daughter...well if I would have had her when I was 6 (giving a don't believe me????). She is actually only 4 years older than my oldest child, and I can only hope that my daughter grows into someone as spectacular as Kristen.

I'm so excited for her role as a kick ass Snow White...she is going to OWN this role. And when my friend Dancer wanted to do a blog dedicated to all things Kristen and her badass Snow White role, I jumped at the chance. So here I am. I hope you enjoy this site!

 DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts
      Major:  Communications
      Minor:  Public Relations
                  Eastern Illinois University
                  Charleston, IL

FUN FACT:  Certified Zumba Instructor;  Mother of
                     two All-Star Cheerleaders ergo

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