Tuesday, August 2, 2011


(Source: Jess)

Now it begins...

With all the extras and cast involved with this project, there are bound to be plenty of Twitter action with little set details of what they are allowed to provide.

So far we have located two actors who state that they are part of the army.  Jess "The Joker" and Duncan Mais.   

Pictured above is Jess who tweeted a picture and stating that he has been in stunt and fight training, "Lot's of sword fighting, punching and jumping.  Fun day."  This is going to be good.  Jess even tweeted that he was on his way to audition for SWATH.

Jess even tweets about Dave Legeno.  Legeno was added to the cast a few days ago can be seen in current Harry Potter movie as "Fenrir Greyback".

In the meantime, Duncan Mais sent out more tweets indicating he is in training combat training for the army and he's "The Shadow".  It's not clear if that is an actual character name or he is just teasing the fans.  But whatever the case may be, he is in SWATH.

Both of these gentlemen are giving behind the scenes tidbits.  Fans may follow them on Twitter and their websites: 

Jess  @jessthejokermma and his website which the ladies will find the screen shot interesting and the guys will find his tats to be as well at http://www.jessthejoker.com/.  His Twitter avatar is interesting as well.

Mais here at @Duncan_Mais and his website is http://www.duncanmais.com/.


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