Tuesday, August 16, 2011


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Well, the day began with a tweet indicating there was major filming in the Bourne Wood then many tweets came as fans were visiting and being made aware of the filming.  These woods are well known to any film fan.  

The Forestry Commission of the U.K. is the government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britain's forests and woodlands.  The FC describes these woods as follows:

"Bourne Wood is used frequently as a filming location. It has not only featured in a wide range of TV commercials, but also as a popular location for big budget feature films. The opening battle scene in the blockbuster 'Gladiator' was filmed at Bourne Wood."

About Bourne Wood

"A predominantly coniferous woodland situated on the crest of a hill. A promontary above a large heathland clearing offers an impressive view over the surrounding pine forests. There are also other attractive areas of heathland in Bourne Wood. These are interspersed with silver birch and pine trees creating a more mature heathland habitat."

SWATH is here filming.  You can read more about Bourne Wood and the wonderful recreational activities that you can enjoy here as well as the other woodlands in the U.K.

So we heard from another actor providing a lovely take into his character.  Jamie Blackley enriched us with more than expected - he's a "village guy who has a run-in with the Queen!" 

Just imagine Charlize Theron as 'The Evil Queen' absolutely castigating this commoner or worse.  A scene we are sure fans cannot wait to see. Thanks Jamie!

In the meantime, army member, Duncan Mais tweeted that he was tired from reheasals.  Poor boo.  But we appreciate everything he's doing.  His first day of shooting for him begins tomorrow.

A tweet went out by @RobstenDaily reminding those who are up for the casting call for a cathedral scene will take place the week of August 22nd in London.

We posted a tweet from someone who appears to be on the set.  Hopefully we can confirm it in the future but if not, let's just have fun knowing that filming has begun and the actors are excited about it as well.


Thanks to @ for the casting information.

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