Thursday, August 18, 2011


SWATH fan @sophiemurf took another trip to the set today.  Unfortunately it was a rainy day in London which she said it prevented her from taking really clear pictures. She shared a few of the better ones with us.  We think they're pretty good.

Sophie describes her set visit as follows:

"They were filming someone walking through the arch and smoke was in the arch; they were filming from different angles. Then the trees were being painted a light brown and they were building a house out of twigs for the huntsman dude! The massive tree was getting re built, the rain caused the day to slow, that's it sorry!!!

No apologies necessary Sophie, you did great and we (the fans) all appreciate anything you can provide.  Let's hope you will have better days if you visit the set again and just maybe get to meet Kristen, Chris or Sam or maybe even Charlize if she has any scenes in the woods.  Keeping our fingers crossed for you.

Here are the rest of her photos.

A little blurry but do we really care? It's from SWATH!

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