Sunday, August 14, 2011


Associated Press reporter, Ryan Nakashima takes a look at Relativity and Universal's versions of the 'Snow White' movies to determine which film will be the best.

He writes:

"Moviegoers may want to take two bites of the same apple next year: A pair of live-action adventure flicks based on Snow White will come out in theaters just months apart.

As it stands, the first, still-unnamed Snow White movie is scheduled for release March 16. That gives moviegoers two and a half months before "Snow White and the Huntsman" on June 1.

Executives are confident that both projects can succeed, given their differences in stars, tone and plot.

However bizarre the coincidence is, history shows that two similar projects like these can both attract large audiences."

Nakashima provides examples of other films released in close proximity of time and of the same characteristics which both made money i.e. Dante's Peak vs. Volcano and Deep Impact and Armageddon.

The 'Snow White' movies are opening at least 10 weeks apart with different plot lines which will appeal to different audiences:

"Ten weeks in the movie business is a lifetime," said "Huntsman" producer Joe Roth.

He should know. Roth was head of Disney's studios when its "Armageddon" opened second but still sold $200 million more in tickets worldwide than "Deep Impact."

The casts of both Snow Whites are also distinct enough to merit a return trip to the theater."

Nakashima states that the 'Snow White' movies bring more complex female roles to the forefront with 'Snow White' [Kristen Stewart] and the 'Evil Queen' [Charlize Theron].  However, Hollywood does not have enough of these roles that woman are yearning to see.
He states that the movies 'Bridesmaids' and '27 Dresses' brought out the female audience in the first two weeks of release. 
However, we found a major glaring omission in his article listing films that have brought out the female audience.  This movie is the current beast of all of them and that is 'Twilight'.  But the point is made stating that Hollywood lacks strong female character roles that the female audience wants.
You can read his entire article here at the Daily Press

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