Friday, August 19, 2011


 Chris Hemsworth is captured here in a fan photo as he arrives in Cleveland, Ohio to begin filming his scenes for 'The Avengers'. 

We reported yesterday that Hemsworth would be in Cleveland this Friday.  Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson have been in Cleveland to film scenes.  Reports indicate that Jackson is finished.  Marvel will not confirm if Scarlett Johannson or Robert Downey Jr. will be there as well or when or if they will film scenes in Cleveland. However, this source tweeted that Downey will not be in Cleveland for filming.  All of his parts will be completed by CGI.

Hemsworth is traveling to film between two major films.  While he is completing 'The Avengers' he has begun filming 'Snow White and the Huntsman' in London where he plays 'Eric the Huntsman'.

It is unknown when he will wrap 'The Avengers' at this time. Follow our new 'Thor' thread for the latest updates for Hemsworth's filming of 'The Avengers here.

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