Saturday, August 27, 2011


(Cecily Fay)
 There's a potpourri of information being tweeted today by the cast and crew of SWATH. 

First up, the Prince.  Sam Claflin tweeted that today is his last day on the movie set of 'White Heat'.  He's sad.  Understandable but you are about to begin to be with SWATH permanently and the fans are excited.  So, hugs to Sam on his last day there.

Stuntwoman Cecily Fay made the earth shake (sorry for the pun but I just went through my first major earthquake & it's still on my mind *smiles*) when she tweeted that she met "Thor"!  OK, fanboys and fangirls, let it out *covers ears*. 

Next up is one of the stuntmen who's down for the count, at least for today.  Ashley Beck tweeted that he is getting some physical therapy done because he tweaked his neck poor baby.

Got a tweet from a possible dwarf stand-in/stunt double, Edd Osmond (he never admitted it *winks*).  He wanted everyone to know that he is up and running under @EddOsmond and to disregard the @EddOsmondUK account.   

Also he's having a "new cell phone" dilemma. iPhone or Blackberry. We understand.

I also found out that Palak Patel was from my hometown of Philadelphia last night which is just totally rad.  He tweeted telling his us to be safe because we are about to get hit with a major hurricane. So prayers to all the people in the Delaware Valley area and up and down I-95.

Last but certainly not least, our friend and stuntman Jess will continue acting although he is a busy guy and couldn't continue on with SWATH.  If you didn't get a chance to read his thoughts about working on SWATH, you can read them here. Just click "News".

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