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Another supporting cast member revealed himself on Twitter, Craig Garner.  Craig tweeted that he was going to Pinewood studios for a costume fitting tomorrow.

Craig also tweeted he has been following EB for a while.  Thanks Craig.

This Is Lincolnshire provides insights into Garner himself and his career.  Due to health issues, Garner was left to only grow to 4ft 1 in.  However, this has not hindered Garner in his acting pursuits.  Garner appeared in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows as 'Mini Harry Potter'.  He is also starring in a series called Seven Dwarves.

Lincolnshire reports Garner's next venture is appearing in Snow White and the Huntsman  alongside Kristen Stewart.  EB believes that Garner is another dwarf stand-in/stunt person for the movie although when asked if he could provide any insights regarding his role if possible, he tweeted "not sure what I can tell you but I'm sure your guess would be right."

Well let's take a gander at this guessing thing, shall we?

Last week EB received tweets from Edd Osmond who stated he was in training for SWATH.  IMDb indicates that Osmond is the son of Julia Osmond who has been in the television/film/theater industry for over 10 years and owns a company that casts small people called 'Oh So Small Productions'.  Connect to their site here.

EB captured a statement from OSSP's Facebook page on August 12th stating:

From Facebook: "Oh So Small Productions: finally our dwarf line up will be complete when Cullen arrives in London! #SWATH!" @EddOsmond

You can like their Facebook page here.

It appears that these actors are cast as dwarf stunt double/stand-ins. Entertainment Weekly posted a picture of the cast of dwarfs, at the time, indicating their true heights.  The Wrap had reported Universal would be utilizing special effects for the actors cast as the dwarfs.

We would like to welcome Garner and Osmond to the world of SWATH.

You can read the complete Lincolnshire article about Garner here.

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