Friday, September 16, 2011



In a Digital Spy interview, Sam Claflin [Prince Charmant] spoke about Snow White and the Huntsman and Kristen Stewart.  He admits that he has already filmed a brief scene with her and said, "I have every hope in her"; "I truly believe and trust in her and I'm pretty sure she'll do an absolutely diamond job of it"; "I'm sure she's pretty excited about the challenge."

Claflin spoke about the two Snow White movies:

"They're two completely different projects altogether. As much as they've obviously got the same premise, you could say that about so many things. The Hangover and The Inbetweeners, for example, are different films but basically about boys going out and getting drunk.

"The beautiful thing is I think both directors have very different ideas of where they're going with it. I have a friend who's in the other one so it's nice that we keep each other updated. I'm excited to see that one as much as I'm excited to see the one I'm in."

You can read all of the article here.

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