Thursday, September 29, 2011


Filming held up today due to the fog earlier. The camera crews are waiting on beach for horses to arrive.

A sad day for fans especially who follow on Twitter.  Our resident beach goer posted his last picture from the set at the Marloes Sands although filming ends tomorrow from that location.

It was a pleasure to receive Tom Walter's a.k.a. @HerdingClouds pictures and descriptions daily from the set.  Tom not only just took pictures, he was such a fan of the whole process that he took you along for the ride. 

He described each picture providing an understanding of not only what was being shown but provided explanations behind the scenes as well.  He described how loud the explosions were, the size of the horses and even how close he was to the director himself.  His descriptions of the catering tent made us all hungry.

We may never meet Tom, however, we hope he knows how much the fans appreciated everything he gave us this week...the first pictures of Kristen and Chris on set.

The internet lit up with every entertainment, gossip and paparazzi outlet fawning over Kristen shown not only on set but in full armor.  Understanding that Universal wants to keep production close to the vest, studios pay through the roof to receive the publicity that was obtained this week and it positive.

Since the announcement at Comic-Con, there has been nothing but a positive reception for Snow White and the Huntsman.  Now that we have had a glimpse through photographs and a couple of videos, fans can see that this production is living up to everything Universal and the producers inidicated it was going to be...HUGE.

On behalf of the fans, thank you Tom. Thank you for everything you gave the fans this week.  Take care and we hope you stay healthy, safe and be successful in whatever you endeavor and tweet you later.  :o)


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  1. THANK YOU Tom!!! Your pictures and descriptions have been amazing!!! Good luck to you!!


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