Tuesday, September 20, 2011


"Sunset at Pembrokeshire" - James Baker
 More pictures of the set were tweeted today.  These set of pictures are from our resident crewman James Baker who was on set today at Pembrokeshire.  Here are two more. Click pics to make them larger:

"A big rainbow for good measure" - James Baker

"Here is the view from where I am" - James Baker this morning

A set visitor, Simon Wood, had one of the photos he tweeted last Friday picked up for a news story in the Western Telegraph. 

Original Photograph

The ramp and the beach

Simon added more pictures to his aray of photographs at the Marloes Sands.

The ramp in context
This shows the ramp and the beach looking east at around half tide.

Ramp with doormatting
Now I see why the horses won't slide down: the ramp has been surfaced with doormatting and horizontal batons.

Through the cave
Another shot of the ramp...

Ramp and pool
Up to beach towards the ramp.

The ramp in context 2
Looking east along the beach, nearing low tide

The ramp in context 3
At low tide, again looking east along the beach.

 Up the ramp
Fully decked, with doormatting and batons.

Ramp, low tide
Looking down the ramp and west along the beach towards Gateholm.

Catering platform
Extra scaffolding has been added above the ramp onto Marloes Sands. It has been decided catering is needed at the beach itself, rather than just up at the Base Unit field

Ramp extension
The very top of the ramp is widened. I cannot figure out why. It can't be widened further down, there isn't room. Also, not that the sides of the ramp have been removed again.
Around 50 stables by my rough estimate. If you want to take your horses camping, and you have several dozen, I reckon these portable stables must be pretty handy.


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