Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Probably my favourite shot...you could feel the excitement in 1st Unit at this point.

EPIC DAY!!  This day is starting out wonderfully for SWATH fans.  It opened with photos tweeted by a photographer who unfortunately asked for money.  But then landed an on set photo of Kristen Stewart. She even rocks medieval gear!! Now @HerdingClouds is providing some great photos from the set as well. Posted his description.  Enjoy!!

The directors seats had a pretty good view down beach, they also have a feedback monitor in the back of a truck.

The first shot I managed of Kristen in costume. Just before she leads the cavalry charge! Hope you like it! :o)

Kristen Stewart next to co-star Chris Hemsworth, who plays the "Huntsman" himself!

The horses amass on the beach ready for the first charge! Shouts fill the air when they finally thunder along.

The charge. Those horses are crazy quick, the kit-cars only just staying ahead of the pack!

It was pretty dam loud this close to the aerial unit. The horses didn't seem too fazed though! Awesome pilot!!

Slowly making my way into 1st Unit. I tell you again the smell from the catering is so awesome!

Tiny teaser for you guys! :o) Thank you all for checking out my pics, more coming! :o)

Kristen Stewart preparing for her first shoot of the day, riding side by side with Chris Hemsworth.

I really love the detail that has gone into this entire production. The entire team are SO friendly!

The Directors look on at the re-play of the footage. I was so tempted to have a look myself!

This is the first time I have seen this costume on set. The bad guys I am guessing. Awesome.

Kudos should go to this rider who fell mid-charge head first into the breakers. The sea isn't warm here either.

Epic bit of kit...I have spent all day trying to keep out of the way of this camera! :o)

And this is Kristen Stewarts double who has caused a few false sightings over the last few days.

SWATH Just hoping they have extended cover, the salt water is a devil. You should see what its done to my van! :o)

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