Saturday, September 3, 2011



SWATH Producer Palak Patel tweets "Patience".  OK, how many of you had to be peeled off the floor with laughter with this one?  You really have to give it Palak, he has a sense of humor. Fans having the patience of Job is a total oxymoron. Maybe he believes his tweet will hold you all off for a while. We think this may buy us some time for at least 24 hours until someone tweets, "Where's Kristen?" Thanks Palak *giggles*.

SWATH fans, hang in there and have just a tiny bit of patience and we are pretty sure you will be rewarded.  We know, we know, there hasn't been a peep from Kristen at least from the set and that is pretty much where fans want the pictures from; the production set preferably with sword in hand.  A picture from some event or seeing her in a video only satisfies the hunger like eating a Tic Tac we understand. 

Then fans see "Thor" [Chris Hemsworth], in New York City when he was in London, then in Cleveland, then in LA then in London now in New York...whew...where ever, we can't keep up with Mr. Thor.  Fans want to know what is going on? When will they have their Huntsman full-time like they have their Snow White, their Prince and their Queen?

We're pretty sure he's getting the same tweets we are "Where's Kristen?" "We want pictures, when are we going to get pictures?" We'll try to hold them off from our end but it's just so much we can do Palak.  You guys have got to give up something and soon or it just may be a SWATH Internet riot *chuckles*. 

Unfortunately for SWATH, there are a few fans from the 'Twilight' fandom and Director Bill Condon was dead on it when it came to "thirst quenching" the fans.  Seeing Kristen's 'Bella' holding a feather in her hand set the Internet on fire not to mention the "Edward and Bella morning after shot".  SWATH needs something like that.  Something unexpected but a good piece of nugget to get the fans through for at least two weeks *giggles*.

Even a surprise tweet from her would be huge. But whatever Palak has up his sleeve, we believe it's going to be good.  One thing about Palak, he knows and he's aware of the fans.  He knows what you want and what you need.  He knows.  

So we will stress and stress and stress until we are blue in the face, please be patient something tells us that it will be worth it. 

On to other things.

One of our favorite set soldiers @darrenpstone was out in the Bourne woods and says there are more trees being created and it looks like filming will take place soon.

See the photographs from another fave set soldier @Jems30 she took yesterday of the trees being created and now adding leaves here.

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