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On May 28, 2011 we began this journey of following the production of Snow White and the Huntsman with our very first post. Now after over 700 posts, production is coming to an end and at the end of the year as well. 

2011 is almost over and with any year-end celebration, we look over the year with memories...the good, the bad and the ugly.

We here at The Enchanting Beauty went through our growing pains.  We cannot say we have had a bad day, just challenging days. From having our very own crazed Twitter stalker who hated SWATH Producer Palak Patel answering our questions to seeing one of our most coveted posts (Mirror Man) stolen and posted throughout the internet without any credit on almost all the sites posting it was challenging to say the least.  Tongues were swollen from being bitten hard.  However, looking at the big picture, we have to pat ourselves on the back for being good enough to get the story.  Fans enjoyed it immensley as it became the #2 story in our site's history and enjoying it is the point.  We learned a hard lesson in this nonsensical world of tweeting and blogging.  Besides, in this small world, you never know who you may meet up with one day and that... is something we look forward to doing.

We created this blog for one reason and one reason support SWATH and its Snow White.  No egos, no ulterior motives.  Just for the love of SWATH.  And we are proud to say that we have done that. 

So as things wind down, we are taking a look back at some of our posts.  It was really hard to come up with anything SWATH related back then.  No one was talking about it.  Only the mere fact that Kristen Stewart had finally signed on to play 'Snow White'.  Now there is a teaser trailer with movie posters and banners.  We have come a long way since May 28th. 

On this journey, we have had the opportunity to meet via Twitter, so many of the actors involved in the project.  We truly loved getting to know them either on the live timeline or through DM.  Every tweet was cherished and shared but, our lips stayed sealed with some.   

We love that we have such a diverse following on our Twitter.  Having so many male fans for what is considered a fairy tale story for children, particularly girls, is awesome.  It shows that the story has crossover appeal, which is exactly as it should be.

This diversity, in turn, allows us to make posts that are not common to other sites.  We try to give both genders something interesting to read.  This also has led sites to post our stories to their blogs; such as a sports blogger who posted the Ray Winstone story regarding his commercial for a gambling site.  We wanted fans get the gossipy "what are they wearing" along with how stunts are being performed by the horses.

Having so many of the cast, crew and production team follow us is truly an honor, because being the first SWATH fansite in the world means that we have been doing right by SWATH.

So, we will be looking back at some of our posts that are some of fans' favorites based upon hits and some of our own.  We will also give you some insights as to why the story was chosen. However, we will not reveal insider tipped stories but, we will post them as part of the celebration.

So look out for our first "look back" at the year that was SWATH and enjoy the journey all over again. 



If you miss any of the "look back" posts, just go to the tag "Year-end Celebration" and view them there.

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