Thursday, December 1, 2011


"I don't know! But it's not a big deal. Honestly, I feel like people are in such a panic about it. I want everyone to take a deep breath..."

Charlize Theron tells Moviefone in interview for her 'Young Adult' press junket when asked "Why are there were two Snow White movies?"

Theron clearly finds that it is really no big deal.

MF:  I'm not in a panic, I'm just confused...
CT:   [Laughs] Calm down, it's going to be OK.

MF:  I feel better now. Thank you.
CT:   I think, also, now that the trailers are out, people understand they are two very, very different films. And there's no way financers are going to throw that kind of money toward two films they didn't feel like there was a market for both. So, everybody needs to chill out. It's going to be amazing. We're going to have two Snow Whites -- incredible!

MF:  And you're good in it?
CT:   Ah, well... [knocks on a wooden table] that was me knocking on wood! Transcribe that!

Read more of her interview here where she talks more about 'Young Adult' and 'Prometheus'.

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