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"We design the challenge around [the guest]. But they volunteer to come on the show, we don’t go and scout people" ~ Padma Lakshmi

SWATH's "Evil Queen", Charlize Theron, brought out the best meal ever served on Bravo TV's hit show Top Chef last night.  Top Chef hostess Padma Lasksmi described the meal on her blog stating, "This was one of the best dinners we’ve ever had at work, in any season. I mean, it was one of the best dinners I’ve ever sat down to on Top Chef."

Did the Evil Queen scare up the best meal ever.  Well Theron did say the queen was a "serial killer" so that just may do the trick.  However, it just may be that the chefs were so starstruck that they had to impress this Oscar winning actress.  Any chef would love the chance to cook for an A-list Hollywood actress. 

After the chefs finished wiping the sweat off of their brows, giggling like high school girls gushing over the initial introduction of Theron, they went to work scaring up a meal fit for an evil queen.  Boy oh boy, it was some of the most scary looking meals ever made on the show too! 

Lakshmi describes the experience as follows:

"This was a glorious dinner, it was so much fun to eat and to be there. All of the food was striking, not only for how it tasted and felt on the palate and the textures and different temperatures, but also the way it looked. They really did a great job visually of creating something that told a narrative, that told a story about each of these chefs. Their stories and backgrounds are so different that it made for a glorious meal ."

Lakshmi also admits she has met Theron years ago and finds her to be absolutely funny and game to eat anything. 

"It was wonderful [working with Charlize Theron]. I had met Charlize years ago because she’s always been a fan of the show and I just ran into her – I can’t remember now, how – but she’s very funny and obviously very beautiful and very talented. She actually does an impression of me, which I never thought I was that interesting to do an impression of, but it’s funny. [Guests] usually tell us what they want to eat and what they don’t want to eat. Charlize was certainly game for anything. Natalie Portman is not, because she’s a vegan. We design the challenge around [the guest]. But they volunteer to come on the show, we don’t go and scout people."

Along with Theron's appearance came the premiere of the SWATH trailer which included a new image of the queen overlooking a balcony.  All of the images in the trailer have been seen by fans at one time or another.  Yes, maybe fans wanted more but they have to understand that everyone in the world is not eat, sleeping and drinking SWATH so the trailer was definitely new to them. 

Nevertheless, fans should be proud of the first real airing of the trailer to the public.  It looked just as amazing as when we first saw it streamed on computer screens but maybe even moreso since it could be watched on the large screen TV.

Theron's appearance was "top notched" and [insert lame cliche] she hit the ball out of the park.  This episode will air in reruns throughout this season on Bravo TV, so tune into your local listings to see it again and again and again; or watch it on ONDemand.  Check out everything Charlize at Bravo's website here where you can see photos full episodes etc... This episode may appear on Hulu as well so keep checking back to see if it has been placed online.

You can read the rest of Lakshmi's analysis of the episode here. Check out the extended judges table in the video below as well as a scene from Top Chef.

Source: The Insider

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