Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Source: Eonline/Universal

Eonline's Marc Malkin spoke with both Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth at the recent BAFTA Tea Event in LA. 

Charlize talked about her first meeting Kristen Stewart and their relationship on set.

 "We met on a plane going to Comic-Con," Theron told me at the BAFTA Los Angeles tea party at the Four Seasons Hotel. "You know when you meet someone and it's effortless? It was instantly amazing.

"We couldn't shut up," she continued. "The plane landed and they were like, 'Get off the plane' and we were going on and on."

It was the same on set. "I think we both love what we do and we came to play," Theron said.

Theron also clarified the record where at Comic-Con she indicated the Queen would kick Snow White's butt.

Theron teased, "It's more like what Kristen does to me."

Chris Hemsworth is about to shoot his next movie Rush with Director Ron Howard.  Read more about what Hemsorth says about it  here.

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