Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Although fans did not get a chance to see Kristen Stewart during her photoshoot with Elle UK yesterday, they did provide a good description of what was going on. 

Here is a transcription of the tweets Elle UK made which began around 12pm EST yesterday.  It takes you through the activity prior to the shoot and during.

"Here's what happened on our digital streaming of the Kristen Stewart shoot through our @ELLEuk account. Click on the images above to see the correlating pictures."

*Right, we are go. Rail run through with @amcelle hair artist, photographer, shoot director. #KristenELLE

*We're selecting our preferred outfit cover options - the prettiest rail I've seen in a long time #KristenELLE

*These are so Kristen. Can't you picture her in them?

*Make-up artist Gillian Dempsey is here and we're talking lips, eyes, beautiful skin... #KristenELLE

*Shoes glorious shoes on the #KristenELLE shoot

*Here's Art Director Tom Meredith standing in for Kristen. Work it! (See picture above)

*In hair and make-up now. Next step, fittings. #KristenELLE

*How many crew hands does it take to set up a #KristenELLE shoot? (See the pics above)

*Is that a photographer's light or are you just pleased to see me?#KristenELLE

*Can you identify the designer labels on this rail?

*What a beautifully pretty clothes rail for #KristenELLE

*We're not finished yet, just eating lunch - stars need food too!#KristenELLE

*We've done two gorgeous set ups so far, Kristen's face can pretty much do no wrong. #jealousmuch ,yep

*Shoot lunch: Tuna nicose or chicken. Well, you did ask.#KristenELLE

*On the 3rd outfit at #KristenELLE shoot. Kristen gone for hair & make-up and we're admiring the view

*On outfit 4. It's still sunny but there's a chill in the garden, so Kristen's covering up in a zip-up hoodie between shots#KristenELLE

*Kristen's got goosebumps (LA chills) which means it's nearly time to finish shooting...

*Squeezing in a final shot, Christopher Kane #KristenELLE

*Shoot's a wrap! Second experience of shooting with Kristen even better than the first. The girl's got class. #KristenELLE


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