Thursday, March 15, 2012



Here is video of Kristen doing the trailer promo on Xfinity.

This morning we found out that all four SWATH behind-the-scenes videos are now exclusively on Xfinity OnDemand.  In addition, they also have the original teaser trailer.

Separately, Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron introduce the videos now available.  In addition, they also announce that a new SWATH trailer along with a scene from the film will be on Xfinity OnDemand this Monday on the television show The Voice on NBC.

So this Monday, for Xfinity customers only, we (I'm one) will see the new trailer and the new scene on their OnDemand.  

It is not known if it will be listed before or after the show, but we will let you know if it does.

Comcast/GE own NBC/Universal and Xfinity, therefore making SWATH exclusive to these entities only at least for now.

So tune in Monday to The Voice to see all of the SWATH exclusives regardless if you have Xfinity or not.

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