Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In one of the most savvy public relations moves, Elle UK magazine was brilliant in capitalizing on the social media buzz of Kristen Stewart's fans.  Upon hearing rumors that Kristen Stewart was going to have a photoshoot for a possible cover, fans were anxious to find out all of the details.  Elle UK was in their cross hairs this time. This PR treat to the fans sent Kristen instantly trending on Twitter...again. 

Elle updated fans from the preparation to the end of the shoot.  Details about clothes, lunch time and even the fact that Kristen could be getting cold.  We do know she changed into 4 outfits.
To get Kristens special cover, subscribe to Elle UK by April 18th hereFollow ELLE UK here for the latest information in women's fashion and any updates regarding Kristen's cover.

Here are photos  tweeted by Elle UK of the outfits, accessories and location of the shoot.

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