Friday, March 30, 2012


Photo tweeted by Elle UK

Vogue, Harper's and others are slapping themselves in the head thinking "Why didn't we think of that?!"  You think some PR firm is being fired this morning? Maybe since it only took some ingenuity and use of the social networks.

On March 13th, Elle UK trended #1 on Twitter.  Well, anyone who knew about this thought that this would be a windfall for Elle when they decided to describe the step-by-step the process of Kristen Stewart's recent photoshoot with them in LA through Twitter.

Elle UK was bombarded with tweets from Stewart fans when it was rumored that she would be doing a photoshoot.  No one knows whose idea it was or who crossed the hall and went into some exects office and said, "I think we should tweet the photoshoot and tweet some pics, the fans will love it and tie-in a special subscription to boot!"

Well it worked no matter how it came about and Elle UK is laughing all the way to the bank.

Read more about the numbers after the jump.

Media Week is reporting that Twitter boosted Elle's magazine subscriptions.

"The publisher also claims that the initiative generated so much excitement that its website, attracted its highest site traffic figures for more than two years, surpassing even traffic visits for's Royal Wedding coverage, with a 231% increase in global unique users, and a 218% page views percentage increase of traffic from Twitter and Facebook."

"Although never actually releasing final cover images of the shoot, Tweets showing the location, the clothes rail and accessories were said to have been enough to stir excitement among readers."

It does show that Kristen Stewart has a really strong fanbase no matter what the naysayers may think.  Read more about the successful Twitter campaign by Elle here.

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