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Here is a link to Sam's behind-the-scenes interview with Mode. Check it out here.  Thanks to @malenacasey for the video link.

Mode Shortlist does a feature on Sam Claflin's upcoming projects which include 'White Heat' and of course SWATH.   The discussion is mainly about 'White Heat'.

Here are a couple of excerpts about staying grounded with his upcoming fame.  Read more here along with more photos.

You’re starting to arrive on bedroom walls around the world. Are you cut out for the pressures of fame?

Looking at Johnny Depp, say, I couldn’t live my life with that level of fame. That said, the only time I’ve ever been recognised was in a pub in Cambridge. A guy came up to me and said, “Are you that guy from The X Factor?” I didn’t know what to say, so I said yes. He thought I was Matt Cardle. I didn’t even get Olly Murs.

You were a student two years ago. How can you stay grounded after such a rapid ascent?

I still make beans on toast at home. I don’t feel like my lifestyle’s changed. Yes, I might buy slightly more expensive clothes than I used to and I don’t shop in charity shops any more, but at the same time I still hang out with the same mates and I’d feel a bit of an idiot if I showed up in a Prada suit and they’re all in Topman. I still want to be the same person. At the same time, if anybody offered me some nice clothes, I wouldn’t say no… But no, it’s a dream come true.

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