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“I think it’s because it’s the best fairy tale. I don’t like them when they get too princess-y," Rupert Sanders tells Screen Rant when comparing fairy tales.

"I don’t love balls and sleeping beauties, that kind of thing. I think the great thing about ‘Snow White’ is those images have scarred me since I was a child with the Queen, the mirror, the taking of the heart, the huntsman and the enchanted forest.

When you think about it, it is not the enchanting story we all have grown up to love. It is scary as the Grimm brothers wanted it to be.

Sanders did not get his inspiration from the Disney film.  He hasn't seen it.  Yes, he has not seen Disney's 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."

“I took inspiration from everywhere and, you know, I actually haven’t seen the Walt Disney one because I didn’t want to be tarnished by it. I’ve read that book a lot. I’ve looked at a lot of other filmmakers like Roman Polanski’s ‘Macbeth,’ I watched ‘Kingdom of Heaven.’ I think I set out trying not to make a big commercial fairytale movie but I wanted to make a big kind of ‘Lawrence of Arabia,’ a kind of medieval tale and that’s really what I think the film is.”

Read more about his thoughts regarding the dark forest, Charlize, Kristen and more here.

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