Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i am Rouge completed an extensive interview with SWATH director Rupert Sanders at WonderCon.   Sanders gives a bit more insight regarding the fantasy of the film.  He also talks about the typical subjects regarding the actors and characters.

Here is Sanders discussing the fanatasy:

Next, Sanders was asked about the magical aspect of the story and, besides the mirror, how much magic would actually be involved with the plot of the film.

“There's quite a lot. There's a great sequence in the Dark Forest, which is really a forest that plays on the mind. Snow White runs in and she falls into a patch of spore-like puffball mushrooms that are hallucinogenic. She falls into that and instantly the trip starts to take her and she's like trying to run away but then the whole forest starts to turn in on her,” he explained.“There's a lot of magical realism in there, there's a lot of great symbolism in the Enchanted Forest. We created a world that was protected by the Dark Forest where the Evil Queen's poison hasn't reached and that's where the magical fairy tale exists, where there are still fairies and strange creatures. So it's a very rich journey, you go into so many different worlds and see so many different things and hopefully every scene you go to there's a new discovery of something else that is happening.”

Sanders does give some clarification regaring having more films.   Although 'Snow White' stands as a story by itself, he goes on to say if the public wants to see more of the characters, then stories can be created to fill the need.

Here is what Sanders says:

Finally, I asked Sanders if the film is a self contained story or if he has plans for a sequel or possibly a trilogy, if the first film were to be a success.

“Yeah, look, I think it would be really rude to kind of leave the "to be continued." It's it own story. If there's a desire for people to want to continue with those characters, there will be. They're such great characters, they're so well played and the world can only keep expanding,” he confirmed. “I think when you make a sequel and then a trilogy, the first film is really the first toe in the water and it's kind of discovering the world. Then you can really start to get deeper into that sort of world. We've got so much stuff that we didn't even use in the film, there's so many ideas so we'll see.”

Read more of this interesting interview hereThanks to @malenacasey for the story.

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