Saturday, March 17, 2012


Surprise, surprise, surprise....Kristen Stewart shows up at WonderCon!!  Charlize was aready there for her appearance with the 'Prometheus' panel and it was speculated that she would attend SWATH's but who knew?

Kristen and Charlize weren't the only ones there, the birthday boy Rupert Sanders was there as well answering questions from the audience moderated by Ben Lyons of E!

Fans were treated to a 5 minute long seen that was said to take place in the dark forest. Also more of the dwarfs were seen.  From all accounts, it was a remarkable scene.

Both Kristen and Charlize will be on NBC's Today Show to promo the new trailer and extended scene that will be exclusively shown on The Voice this Monday.

From all accounts, Kristen was siked to play this role and Charlize really got into being the evil queen.

Below are tweets from what we considered to be the best account of the panel's appearance with a few tweeted photos.

Look out for future posts for more details about SWATH's WonderCon day.


Kristen Stewart said the opportunity to play the role is 'incredibly rare'

Charlize Theron said there's something about fucking with the idea of playing evil queen

Sadly Chris Hemsworth a.k.a Huntsman is a no show

Director Rupert Sanders said Hemsworth is emotionally grounded in his role

Kristen Stewart said she got to jump off things and ride horses and she hated it LOL

WonderCon showed a lengthy new extended footage of words can't fairly describe how stunning it looked

Charlize was asked how she plays evil really well, She said it's because she's a bitch LOL

Kristen Stewart said in playing a different Snow White, they're finding out the why and she was excited to do that

Kristen Stewart said she's gonna refrain from talking Twilight today LOL

Kristen Stewart said she's always wanted to play badass action role, and this makes sense to her, her role is relatable

A kid audience asked Kristen Stewart how she went from Twilight role to Snow White

Charlize Theron thinks the kid audience who asked Kristen Stewart was adorable LOL

One audience told Charlize Theron that he's single if Charlize is interested

Kristen Stewart said director Rupert Sanders gave her the book about Joan Of Arc

And the panel ends.


We surprisingly received a tweet from Ben Lyons, film reviewer/critic for E! today. 

He stated that he will be the host for the SWATH panel at WonderCon.  Fans can tweet questions to him at @imBenLyons.


Here are the some of the first images of WonderCon thanks to Collider.  They are of Chris Hemsworth as 'Thor' in The Avengers.  See more exciting images here.

Liberty Ross tweeted she was on her way to Anaheim.  #Team Rupert get ready for an exciting day.

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