Saturday, May 12, 2012


Oscar Award wining costume designer Colleen Atwood shared her costume sketches for Snow White, Queen Ravenna, and the Huntsman with "Elle UK".  She also talks about where she drew her ideas from and the challenge to come up with so many different costumes.  

You can read the article in full here.

Here are some excerpts and sketches from the article.

'It was exciting to know we had some (different) dimensions to explore," she told us.  "The fantasy level as well as the depiction of non-cliche queens and princesses was liberating for all of us, so we took it from there." 
Atwood drew inspiration from library resources, museums, books, web research and raw materials to create costumes that are striking in their intricacy.  Ravenna wears a raven-feather cape, weapons-grade crowns and at least one gown with a bird-skull-adorned neckline. 

Snow White's garb evolves in a more warrior-like direction as she gains confidence, moving from a puff-sleeved gown to a tunic and breeches, and finally, to a fierce yet flattering coat of armour.  "It is the armour that is pieced together by the people of the kingdom, so it has a lighter feel than most," Atwood explained. 

Not that her work was limited to Stewart and Theron.  Challenges of the project included outfitting peasants, knights (enchanted and real), archers and dwarves. 
We had so many levels of society to depict and each (were) a little different, as well as two armies," Atwood said.  "It was a lot to think about.  Over 2,000 costumes were constructed, so that challenge...was huge."


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