Thursday, May 10, 2012

COLLIDER INTERVIEWS  COLLEEN ATWOOD, SWATH COSTUME DESIGNER released an interview today with Colleen Atwood, the Academy Award Winning Costume Designer for SWATH.

Atwood discusses how she decides on costumes, how many replicas are made, how she uses symbolism while representing the character, how much she collaborated with Charlize and Kristen on their costumes, and many other topics.

Here is an excerpt and some photos of the SWATH costumes from that interview.  Please read the full interview at Collider.

"For this particular movie, Snow White is hardly an action hero but she does a lot of action in a feminine costume.  We started with her dress.  At the beginning of the story, it's a long dress over leggings with the two layers and the same kind of boots.  The idea is that it was the look that I created for the servants in Ravenna's castle where she's imprisoned.  So, she's been given clothes to match the housemaids' poorer clothes.  Hers has a little bit of a royal touch because I put the gold on it just because I liked it."

"Within the dress and within the underdress and within the pants, there's all kinds of stretch panels that are hidden in the seams so it's totally flexible.  You're able to lift your arms over your head.  You're able to shoot a bow and arrow.  You're able to move in the costume which is very important for the actors.  Kristen, who's young and very fit, does most of the action herself, so it was very key that the costume physically worked for her to do the work in.  I didn't put high heels on her because it made no sense and it was appropriate to do the boots.  That's how that happened.  I'd say the approach is, you take a concept and try not to compromise the design by making it work physically."

Interview and photos all courtesy of Collider.  

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